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Technological advancement

Our extensive selection of proprietary payment technologies, engineered to meet the unique requirements of our diverse clientele, ensure that your business maintains its competitive edge. No matter your regions of operation or transaction volumes, we will provide a bespoke solution to maximise your revenues.

Using the most effective, reliable risk management processes, certified to international standards, Paysafe assists clients in reducing the costs associated with payment acceptance and transit, as well as exchanges involving more than 40 currencies in the world. All of our security measures are configured individually for your business, minimising disputed payments.


Export detailed reports on all processing parameters, including fraud and chargeback statistics, whenever necessary to remain informed on your financial flows, review the demand for the goods and services you provide, and improve your existing business processes.


Issue individual reports, adjusting the parameters available to access the data you want. Our automatic report generator and simple scheduling settings ensure that the process is fast and easy.

Routing Management

The rules for our Payment Routing system are configured for each client on an individual basis. Our experts review your requirements, choosing a route dependent on filter settings, cascading capabilities, and the payment percentage split.

Filters analyse the parameters present in a client request: risk assessment, geolocation, card type, issuers.

Compatible with all PCI DSS requirements, our secure, dynamic payment page analyses transaction history, location, risk factors, and more, to display relevant payment option, exchange or transit which can increase conversion by more than 30%. Paysafe payment exchange or transit page supports all major bank cards and popular regional payment methods.

Integrated OneClick payment functionality for both bank cards and alternative payment systems;

Dynamic display of payment methods, depending on corporate client preferences and geography;

Omnichannel compatibility.

Corporations, businesses and government agencies merchants face an onslaught of cyber attacks daily. To defend clients from significant financial losses, Paysafe implements stringent security measures, safeguarding your revenues.

Data Security

Confidentiality and data protection

TLS 1.2

Paysafe applies Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 to ensure a secure connection, enabling the safe transfer of data between a customer’s browser and the payment application.


To ensure optimum security, Paysafe has developed a proprietary application using the AES-256 algorithm, which is applied to all credit card data entered into our system.


Paysafe Token Terminal enables clients unable to store sensitive payment data to accept payments and issue payouts by encrypting electronic payment data.

Multifactor authentication system

We’ve introduced a multifactor authentication system in accordance with the new requirements of PCI DSS to remotely verify sensitive payment data.

Cardholder Data Protection (CHD)

Paysafe stores CHD in accordance with PCI DSS: the 16-digit account number (PAN) displayed on the debit or credit card is encrypted, while the cardholder’s name and the bank card’s expiry date remain accessible.

Storing identifiable details, such as CVV2/CVC2 codes, is prohibited.

Protection against DDoS attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a targeted attack on a website by a large number of false requests from different computers from all over the world. As a result, the server is overloaded, and users cannot access the site or the required service. At best, it will displease your customers and at worst the company will incur substantial losses.

Our anti-DDoS system automatically detects attacks on websites or web applications to ensure the continuous availability of your payment services. For attacks on web applications, we use the Web Application Firewall (WAF).